New Hearth, New Homes

No, the fireplace isn't actually hot pink.  Don't I wish.

Just to add to all the stress and excitement of this time of year, we're throwing in a move from our apartment on Hamilton to a sweet and retro one bedroom on Lancaster.  Deciding to leave the current place was the difficult part; the years here have been so much fun and we'll miss our neighbors along with the buzz and vibe of being so close to Lark Street.  Getting older prevailed, though, and the lure of a quieter, owner-heavy block and more space was pretty attractive.  Finding the apartment turned out to be the easy part, after viewing a grand total of one.  I rely on intuition when it comes to houses and the second I walked into this building - which had previously been occupied by an elderly couple since the sixties - I knew it was right for us.  It's just screaming to be filled up with kitschy stuff.  Plus there's a super cute backyard with tons of potential.

Cute backyard.


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