The Giving Tree

At the corner of Lark and Hamilton Streets, across from the dry cleaner, there is a scrappy, adolescent tree.  Even in the warmer months it struggles to sprout leaves and looks like it just might not make it another year (like most of  them on Lark since the great massacre of the old growth trees a few years ago.)  But this one is special.  There's something...magical about this tree, especially the strange fruit it bears.  For some reason people tend to lose articles of clothing at that corner.  Pants, gloves, dress shoes, all of these things get left behind, and good samaritans with few options seem to get the idea to just stick them in the tree.  I have no idea who started this tradition but at least once a month I'll see some recovered item deliberately balanced on the limp and scrawny limbs.  It's surprising that the poor little guy can even support a pair of slacks (complete with belt) but, there they are, and they never stick around which leads me to believe that this arborial lost and found system is actually effective.  In reality, someone probably just takes them, rather than the original owner having the presence of mind to return to the corner where, after stumbling out of Legends, he decided to remove his undershirt and left sock.  (How does that happen?)  So if you're partying on Lark and for some reason misplace one lace-up shoe, go ahead and check the giving tree at Lark and Hamilton.  Your shoe may not be there, but there's a pretty good chance that someone's will be and you won't have to walk home with one bare foot.  Although that might serve you right.


Albany Jane said…
Nice, I've never noticed it. I'll have to check it out!
Leigh Cummings said…
Morning on the weekend is primetime, as you might assume :)

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