The Tragic Tale of Ol' 'Black Thumb' Cummings

I've never been especially talented at keeping things alive.  Actually, that's being nice.  The reality is that  I've killed every single creature of god that has ever been in my care.*  Chia herb gardens, hermit crabs, house plants, all of 'em, dead.   The only tree I've had any luck in keeping around is a fiber optic Christmas tree.  It's that serious.

So it is with great trepidation that I enter into the terrifying world of recreational flower gardening.  (cue fanfare)  I'm so excited!  And not pessimistic at all!

My mom has always had the most beautiful gardens.  She's incredibly skilled at seeing the earth as a canvas upon which to create a work of art and I so admire that.   I remember as a kid she would have a dirt-stained spiral notebook where she kept all sorts of drawings and notations about what was planted where and when, how it should be cared for, and when you should expect it to arrive.  I'm telling you right now that I'm not going to be that kind of gardener.  My original plan was to get a bunch of seeds, go out into the backyard, close my eyes, throw the seeds at the ground and then run back into the house, screaming.  I hope I won't be that kind of gardener, either.  Shooting for somewhere in the middle, and right now I'm in the research and development phase.

The good thing is that I know what I like, and that makes shopping for seeds online much easier than I expected it would be.  I found that plants were arranged logically into the categories of annuals and perennials and, since I'm an apartment-dweller, I decided to avoid the latter.  I found our, "Zone," and made sure that any seeds I added to my wish list are Zone 5-friendly.  I bought a notebook in which to keep my gardener's log.  As soon as the sun returns I will go out and measure the flower beds and start sketching.

As I get farther and farther into the planning process I realize how important it was to start now rather than waiting until it's time to plant.  Being prepared ahead of time...who knew?

More to come.

* Babysitting rates available upon request.


Two days after initially reading this, the thought of your throw-run-scream gardening technique is still making me giggle.
Stephanie said…
me too. haha please do that one sometime, too? it sounds like a recipe for surprise and excitement.
melliemel said…
I'm sure the "watchers" would find it hilarious to see you chucking the seeds and then scurrying back into the sounds pretty funny to me!
Amanda Talar said…
Coming from someone who kills and resurrects her desk plant weekly, I can understand. I also just realized I killed my boss's orchid today because he's on vacation and I forgot to water it.
Siobhan said…
I hear you on this. I even killed one of those fiber-optic trees. Transformer meltdown.
Roz said…
We were supposed to have frost last night. If you had seedlings growing, did you cover them?

I have a black thumb as well. I killed a small rosemary plant from Price Chopper a couple of years ago. If I kill a plant that shares my name, is it murder or suicide?
I'm testing out my black thumb on a vegetable garden for the first time...trying not to set my hopes too high for scads of beautiful tomatoes, peppers, brussels sprouts, etc. Well, actually I am, I signed up for a CSA as backup. Good luck!!
Leigh Cummings said…
Green Peccadiloes, I think that is an excellent, nay, inspired plan. Ha, mostly because I'm doing the same thing. Going to try a little of this and a little of that, vegetable-wise, but have a share from Roxbury Farm for consistency and quality.
Leigh Cummings said…
Roz, the only things I've planted outside so far are spinach and a lettuce mix, so they should be okay I think? Right? (Help me.) Started some additional seeds (flowers and herbs) in trays inside.

We have a rosemary plant, too, and it's not looking so good. :(

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