Simpler Living Interview

The wonderful Naomi Seldin of Times Union's Simpler Living blog interviewed me for a series she's doing on local folks. Check it out!

And here's the actual link, just in case hyperlinks aren't your bag:


Naomi said…
Thanks for a great interview, Leigh! I really appreciate it.
Duncan Crary said…
Hi Leigh,

Greetings from another non-car transportation enthusiast. I've actually dabbled in getting to work by canoe and riverboat.

There is an event coming up in Albany that you might want to participate in as a speaker.

It's called TEDxAlbany, which is a locally-organized event modeled after the famous TED Talks.

Please consider contacting the event organizer about becoming a speaker. The theme is "human change" and your experience living car free in our region might make a good addition to the speakers.
Leigh Cummings said…
Duncan, thanks so much for that info. I will definitely check this out.

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