And for That, I'm Thankful

I'm going to try to dip my toes back into the blogwater, here, with a little reflection on what has made me thankful this year.
  • The interwebs, seriously. No other time in history has been so democratic, thanks to them. You can rant, rave, or have a radio show. No one or everyone may be reading or listening, and that's OK.
  • My friends and family, who are all intelligent and devastatingly good-looking. Some of them really know how to cook, too, and for that I'm truly thankful.
  • The fact that, even though I can't take exotic vacations or prance with the stars, there is always food in the pantry, water from the faucet, and electricity powering everything. This is something I think about every day, to be honest, because there have been times when that was not the case.
  • All of the art, music, beauty, pathos, tragedy, and triumph that surrounds us, always. What a beautiful world we live in.


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