Together Again...FOR THE FIRST TIME.

You've probably been wondering, "Is Leigh in rehab again or something?" Surprise! No. But you're sooo funny. I was, in truth, taking a...sabbatical from the blog. It was getting to be a little too heavy for me, and a little too specific. Back when I started writing it, everything was just off the cuff, whatever came to mind and there was a freedom to it that I really loved. Then I started feeling like I had to write about the bus and keep things bus-centric, and people were assuming I actually knew what I was talking about (there was a post about sidewalks where I referred to "city planners" and people were all, "City Planners don't do that!" and I thought, "I just meant the people know...plan...the city? Lowercase.")

It had become more of a chore than a lark. I went off in a different direction and started writing a semi-anonymous blog called Girlfriend in Progress, and that's been fun. It's been a great exercise in swallowing my pride, mostly, because the topics are much more personal.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to my totes whatevesies attitude towards the blog, and just write about what's entertaining me or on my mind. Sometimes it may be about the bus, more often than not it probably won't be. We'll see.

Oh, and P.S. I now have the domain name to organize everything.


Anonymous said…

Also, just like real life, the most frustrating aspect of blogging will always be other people.

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