Boring Titles

I almost had to stand up and cheer after reading this article from Popeater about 2010's most boring movie titles. I'm always complaining about how stuuuupid movie (and book) titles are these days. Like, "Because I Said So," "The Happening." What the eff is that? The Happening. That's not a title. That's anything. Going out to get your mail could be the happening.

My main problem with book titles is how everything has to be, Something [colon] Someone's Act of Doing Something. You know what I mean? It's especially frustrating to watch The Daily Show. Every author has written a book with a title, like, Miss Economics: The Small Businesswoman's Quest to Claim Her Identity During a Time of Change. Or, A Very Dark Day: The Secret of the Great Northeast Blackout of Twenty-aught-three, One Man's Harrowing Story.

It can't possibly be that people have simply run out of concise, appropriate titles, can it? I think everyone just needs to try a little harder. Myself included.


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