Serious Business

I keep forgetting to mention that a dear, childhood friend and I have started doing an online radio show on the site, It's probably going to take us about a year of doing the show before we have the professionalism and composure to refrain from giggling for the entire hour, but, we're working on it. We started out calling it, "Serious Business with David & Sissy," but there was nothing serious about it. So now it's, "Totes Whatevsies with David & Sissy." Much more appropriate. And just so there's no confusion, he's David and I'm Sissy.

Anyway, the show isn't really about anything. We talk about tips for going green (like the miracle of vinegar,) play silly sound effects and random songs, and try to entertain each other. We discovered that when the scheduled show time ends, it stops streaming but continues to record so then we have an after-show called Hard Rock Candy & the Beach, which contains even less content and more giggling.

So, check it out. Last night's episode began the merry death march towards Christmas, but the Thanksgiving show is still my favorite, thus far.


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