Wedding Singing!

This is super duper old news, but I keep forgetting to post it.

Here's a video of my first foray into wedding singing! It was one of the loveliest wedding venues I've ever seen (The Saratoga Museum of Dance) and Chelsea and Nick are the sweetest. A delight all around.

Leigh from Clark+Walker Studio on Vimeo


Geoffrey Zahn said…
Ok, I am not taking you to Karaoke with me. Amazing!
Munson said…
This self serving and I do not approve
Wendy said…
You have a lovely voice! I have a friend who is a singer and he just put some songs up for sale on the net. Maybe you guys should work together!

BTW, I sing too. Sorta. Depends who you talk to! lol. Although I lost my singing voice two years ago and now It's back and slightly different. Gotta get used to it.
Wendy said…
One more. I do photography too. So if you need any for promoting yourself, let me know.

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