I'm in love with a Sucklord

Has anyone been watching this season of Work of Art on Bravo?  There’s just…something about one of the contestants that makes my heart flutter. He calls himself, “The Sucklord.” This is hilarious on so many levels, most of all because the very serious gallery owners/art critics/industry luminaries that judge on the show have to refer to him as such. As in, “It’s time for your crit, Sucklord,” and, “Let’s talk about The Sucklord’s piece.” 


It was probably entirely intentional on Bravo’s part to begin the first episode with him looking like a bit of a douche. He works within the idiom of youth pop culture: action figures, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references. It was kind of hard to get a read on him. He came across as a street-tough with an attitude problem, but we’re only a few shows into the season and already he’s melting into a big sugary puddle of awesome. At 42, he’s on the older side of the spectrum among the other contestants, but let me tell you: between his baby face and his ability to (literally) charm the tops off of the ladies on the show, you’d never guess it. 

This week the artists were paired up with children and The Sucklord was instantly taken with his little charge. He actually got choked up talking about her and how he wanted to make her proud of him. This is not The Sucklord I assumed he would be! It just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a sucklord by his cover. An important life lesson.

Unfortunately, my money is not on The Sucklord getting too far in the competition* unless he takes the judges' advice and gets out of his comfort zone, which seems to be the realm of the extremely literal. There are a lot of talented artists in this cast; a much more intriguing batch than last year, so he has his work cut out for him. But I’m pulling for The Sucklord personally, if not stylistically. I may not “get” what he’s trying to do, but he’s so darn cute while he does it that I don’t want him to go home. 

*My faves thus far are Michelle, Kymia and Sara.


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